The Art of Colombia, Part 2

Colombia is a playground for photographers, because every corner of this diverse country holds a detail, a face, a smile and sunset. The first gallery of pictures in which I explored my understanding of Colombia’s art, reflected some of the land’s nature, trade, sunsets and doors. This post includes art, history, water and my perception of God.


Although I have a disdain for the thievery involved in establishing some museums, where people’s history is removed from its locality, often without the consent of the people it once belonged to, they can be a fascinating place to see aspects of a country’s past. The building’s walls were also home to some impressive street art, more often than not expressing outrage for Colombian politics and ensuing poverty.

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When having no plans goes to plan


My view for a few days!

I am undecided as to whether my current laissez faire attitude to my life and travels may require a slight revision. I shall explain to you why as a storm so powerful I thought a bomb had been dropped on the island of Baru, clears to my left. Last Saturday, at the unhealthily early hour of 5:45 a.m., I arose in the House of Hearts for the last time. My bags were packed and all that I needed to do was wash and hug my Colombian family goodbye. Thankfully, whilst I was out drinking whiskey and beer with a newly acquired friend the night before I left Medellin, Diony had researched the cheapest and best way to get to the airport. I hadn’t even thought about these details, as I am taking this state of no plans and following the whims of caprice and spontaneity very seriously. A taxi and bus it was then.

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