The Art of Colombia, Part 2

Colombia is a playground for photographers, because every corner of this diverse country holds a detail, a face, a smile and sunset. The first gallery of pictures in which I explored my understanding of Colombia’s art, reflected some of the land’s nature, trade, sunsets and doors. This post includes art, history, water and my perception of God.


Although I have a disdain for the thievery involved in establishing some museums, where people’s history is removed from its locality, often without the consent of the people it once belonged to, they can be a fascinating place to see aspects of a country’s past. The building’s walls were also home to some impressive street art, more often than not expressing outrage for Colombian politics and ensuing poverty.

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The Art of Colombia, Part 1

Colombia is an astounding country that will forever hold a place in my heart as the country where I learnt that humanity can be beautiful, warm and inspiring. I know, it has some of the worst human rights abuses in the world, but I still found such beauty everywhere I turned. I implore you to visit this land, with an open mind and a zest for exploration.


Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world, home to the Amazon, Pacific, Caribbean, jungle, mountains, desert and more. On a walk over a mountain in San Gil, with Loucho the dog, we got lost in fields of tobacco, coffee, tangerines, pineapples and much more. I was in heaven, and the dog was unimpressed with my lack of orienteering skills.

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The Seven Wonders of Colombia

Colombia is one of the most outstanding places on earth. Its people are kind, generous, warm, and friendly and being that it is the second most biodiverse country in the world, it is geographically awesome. For me, Colombia is fighting hard with India for first place as the most phenomenal country ever.

Let’s take a quick trip together to seven of Colombia’s best spots.

1. Bogotá: Cundinamarca

Bogota is a thriving city, filled to the brim with fascinating places to explore. Take a cable car up Mount Monserrate and if your vision isn’t obfuscated by clouds (mine was), absorb the dramatic landscape that cushions Colombia’s capital.

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Keep the faith

A brief stint in parenthood

A brief stint in parenthood

For a short period in Brasil, I became a parent, sharing the role with another mother and father. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a little confused, so I shall provide some contextual background to the ellipsis that we shall rest on for now. 

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Little Brother

Members of the Kogi tribe.

Members of the Kogi tribe.

A great distance has been traversed in my last few weeks in Colombia, both mentally and physically. I write this entry from heaven. And no, I haven’t died, or reached some kind of blissful living state, at least not just yet. I am in the department of Santander, in a cottage in the woods near a little town called San Gil. Justin and Andrea have popped into town and I am left with a panoramic view of lush, vibrant vegetation, sleeping dogs, a cat and a bunny and this blank screen. For some reason writing today feels a bit daunting, a bit like an essay, as my thoughts are slightly unstructured, so bear with me.

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When having no plans goes to plan


My view for a few days!

I am undecided as to whether my current laissez faire attitude to my life and travels may require a slight revision. I shall explain to you why as a storm so powerful I thought a bomb had been dropped on the island of Baru, clears to my left. Last Saturday, at the unhealthily early hour of 5:45 a.m., I arose in the House of Hearts for the last time. My bags were packed and all that I needed to do was wash and hug my Colombian family goodbye. Thankfully, whilst I was out drinking whiskey and beer with a newly acquired friend the night before I left Medellin, Diony had researched the cheapest and best way to get to the airport. I hadn’t even thought about these details, as I am taking this state of no plans and following the whims of caprice and spontaneity very seriously. A taxi and bus it was then.

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The House of Hearts

The view of Medellin from their fantastic metrocable system. Beast the London underground any day!

The view of Medellin from their fantastic metrocable system. Beats the London underground any day!

When people ask me why do you love Colombia so much, the answer is pretty straightforward: the people. I have only been here for just over two weeks, and haven’t ventured far out of two of the country’s major cities, Bogota and Medellin, so as yet I am unable to say how stunning the mountains, beaches or jungles are. But, one thing is for certain; Colombian people are some of the world’s very best.

So what is it about them that I am so enraptured by? Well, thus far, everyone I have met has been amorous, amiable and beyond accommodating. These words ring hollow in Cambria font and don’t give them the credit they deserve, so illustration through example may help to colour your imaginations. Continue reading