The Seven Wonders of Brazil

Brazil is a gargantuan country and its enormity hit me within the first few days, as I sailed down the Amazon River, into the depths of the rainforest. With two months left to explore a country over 65 times the size of England, I decided to take a laid-back approach to my trip. I was not going to be able to even scratch the surface, and so best not to rush. After all, I didn’t have a check list of things I needed to do and had nothing to prove to anyone. Liberated from these constraints, I ambled around in a leisurely manner, soaking in the diversity, beauty, and the intense chasm between the rich and poor and all that that entails.

Here are some photos of the seven most outstanding places I had the fortune of exploring.

1. The Amazon

The saying “the jungle is massive” comes to life in the Amazon. It took several weeks of boats, awkward hammock sleeps, rescued kittens, howling monkeys, frisbee on river islands and an excessive amount of fried fish to get to the river’s mouth. I’d like to return, with a friend, and trek into the forest for weeks. If anyone’s up for it, let me know!

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