2 thoughts on “Fishing Around

  1. I can’t remember if you already told, but did you get your own fish? mmm… did you fish for yourself? whatever! I don’t know how to ask your that, but I guess you get it.


    • Did we buy fish? I don’t think so, or I can’t recall. We’d met some Argentinians at the hostel who were fascinating and had a very inspiring approach to buying/acquiring food. They would go to markets as they were closing, asking for produce that would be thrown away for whatever reason. Often they would get food for free or very cheap, and that evening it was the woman’s birthday and we were all going to make a meal based around the fish they’d got the day before. I bought loads of fruit and vegetables as in Brazil, just like Colombia, it seemed like eating healthily was abnormal, fresh non-fried produce was rare and my body was craving nutrients!


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