The Art of Brasil, Part 1

Brasil is epic in its size, beauty and diversity. It amazes me that after the fall of colonialism that it remained one country due to its impressive variety, ranging histories and peoples. Perhaps what binds this gargantuan land mass is a sense of nationalistic pride that manages to shadow Brasil’s problems, such as wealth inequality, police brutality and corruption. Regardless, it is a breath-taking, beautiful, vibrant country, where music, passion, love and a zest for enjoying life is infectious. The first gallery of pictures centres around the themes of the sun, form, street art and industry.

The Sun

I am rarely awake early enough to bask in sunrise, but I managed to enjoy a few whilst sailing down the Amazon River. In the evenings, it felt like such an honour to see the sun set over the water, bringing with it contemplation over whose lives it is beginning to illuminate. I can understand how pre-scientific beliefs in the sun being a god came into being, due to its awesomeness and role in the creation and sustenance of life.


Everywhere you turn in Brasil, the eye and imagination can feast on a panoply of lines and impressive forms, whether the Art Nouveau architecture in Ouro Preto, or the jutting buildings which form the concrete jungle which is Manaus.

Street Art

The walls of Brasil provide a thousand blank canvases, which the country’s artists are only to willing to fill with their imagination.


People generally work hard in Brasil, but they compensate that with a healthy dose of family, dancing, drinking and kicking back too.

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