3 thoughts on “Downtown Rio de Janeiro

  1. Ok, now I get it.
    Some times it is very interesting to know what is behind the photographer, it could be a whole set and production crew with lamps and all that, or for example this what you are telling me now.

    By the way, I was just waiting for the computer to automatically tell me if you made a comment.
    Sorry, I’m just discovering I had to come back and see it for myself.


  2. I’m going to keep this one!
    Any idea who wrote that? I suppose there is no commercial/political intention.
    I find it odd the way it is painted, I mean, its not artsy, pretentious. It is just a clear message/idea.


    • There is no commercial intention no, but a clear poltical one. It was right opposite some massive government building too, so it was a direct message to those holding all the power. I think in a country with such a high level of corruption and inequality (although this is slowly changing), money is vioelence is about as direct as one can get!


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