The Seven Wonders of Mexico

After finishing my master’s at the ripe old age of never-you-mind, I set off to check out the Americas. Here are some pictures, taken on a Nikon D300, of seven of the best experiences in Mexico.

1. Mazunte: Oaxaca

Mazunte is a small village with one of the best beaches in the world, in my humble opinion. The waves are gargantuan and dangerous, the food is incredible and the people are relaxed.

2. Playa del Carmen: Quintana Roo

Although Playa del Carmen is a bit too touristy for my taste, the surrounding area is packed full of some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The cenotes, a sinkhole resulting from the land collapsing, were believed by Yucutan Mayans to be gateways to the afterlife. They are literally, heaven on earth.

3. Chiapas

Chiapas may be one of the poorest states in Mexico, but it is one of the most astoundingly beautiful places on earth. My only regret is I didn’t go and see what I could learn from the Zapatistas, a movement whose central objectives are democracy, justice and freedom.

4. Oaxaca City: Oaxaca

This city is full of colour, revolutionary zeal, music, history, amazing chocolate and delicious food. If you like music, the arts, architecture and basically anything aesthetically stimulating, Oaxaca is definitely for you.

5. Tepoztlan: Morelos

Within a few weeks of arriving in Mexico, I installed myself in a tiny school, which was in fact a tent, in the tiny historic town of Tepoztlan. I stayed with Rosita and her family, who all giggled with me as I tripped over the language.

6. Mexico City: Mexico

Mexico City is one of my favourite cities! Despite its enormous population, it feels more intimate than say, London. You can see its edges, as the city nuzzles into the surrounding mountains. It’s also a photographer’s paradise, with amazing lines, contrasts and colours galore.

7. Mexican people

Mexico warmed my heart on so many levels, but it is definitely the people that make it the vibrant, colourful, sexy, passionate place that it is. I love Mexico!

Tell me tales of your experiences of these wonders in the comments section below.


3 thoughts on “The Seven Wonders of Mexico

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    • I agree. The galleries I have already on my blog have up to a hundred or more pictures, which is too overwhelming for people. Good photography blogs sometimes just have one shot per entry, as it leaves more time for absorbing the picture, and thinking deeper about it.

      I have a Nikon D300 and no idea about the lens. I had to buy it all again when all my stuff was stolen in San Francisco! Your pictures are out of this world. You have some serious talent.


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