2 thoughts on “DSC_8912

  1. the market!
    Hey Layla, could you tell me about the experience of taking this kind of photos… ?¿
    How do you approach people? Are they always comfortable with the situation?
    Do you think that being a woman makes it easier? Do they ask for something in return? etc. etc…


    • I actually struggle with the confidence to ask people if I can take their picture, and so it takes a lot for me to ask someone if I can do that. I think it is because I feel so uncomfortable having my own taken that I project those emotions onto other people. Sometimes I ask people after a minute or so, or I wait for a while, depending on the type of shot I want to take. Sometimes it is culturally inappropriate, and then I am told no. It seems like there are cultures around the world who share the belief that taking a photo is like taking a bit of someone’s soul, so you have to be super sensitive you may really upset someone. The ones who agree to the photo being taken are obviously very happy with the situation, and I would never take a picture of someone if they had said no. As for is it easier being a woman, perhaps in some circumstances yes. They all seemed to find it highly entertaining in the market as they had probably seen so many tourists coming through snapping away at their normal daily lives. They were probably intrigued as to why so many people found it worthwhile photographing! These guys asked for nothing in return, but sometimes people do. I have a funny story about that actually, but that’s for another time.


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